Current Events


 Sunday April 7: 5th Sunday in Lent

                                    Adult Sunday School at 9:00 a.m.: "The Laughing Jesus: Exploring the Humor of Christ, part 5"


Sunday April 14: Palm/Passion Sunday

                                    Adult Sunday School at 9:00 a.m.: "The Laughing Jesus: Exploring the Humor of Christ, part 6"    


 Thursday April 18:  Maundy Thursday Service at 7:00 p.m., with Communion (Upper Room), and the Passion Story (Garden of Gethsemane and Cross)


Friday April 19: Good Friday Cross Walk at noon, beginning at Immaculate Conception Roman Catholic Church, and walking through East Aurora


Sunday April 21:  Easter Services of Celebration of Christ's Resurrection (communion will be served at all services)

                                   6:00 a.m. Sunrise Service at Injaychock home  (At the Tomb)

                                   8:00 a.m. Chapel Service (Upper Room)

                                   10:00 a.m. Sanctuary Service (Into the World)

Men's Ministry

Men’s Ministry Group

The Men’s Ministry group has been meeting for more than three years. We meet every
other Saturday morning year round at 8:00 AM in the Lounge. We try to end our
meetings by 9:30 AM. We discuss everything from the Bills to politics to any topic
you can think of! We enjoy a cup of coffee and a doughnut as we hold each other
accountable for our Christian witness. Also, we are always looking at thought provoking
books, DVD series, or just about any resource to stimulate our discussions. We are a
trusting, open support group of men taking an honest look at how our faith is or should
be reflected in our daily walk. We presently have approximately 6 or seven regulars of
varying ages. We are always looking for new men wishing to join our group. If you
might think this appeal to you, please give us a try! We usually have extra coffee and a
doughnut or two! Our meeting dates are always in “First and Foremost”, or contact Bill
Archabald or Darwin Schmitt.