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Christian Education

Children's Sunday School during 10:00 am service

The goal of our children and youth ministries is to help them understand God’s love for them and for all people.  We do this with the help of the Deep Blue curriculum, which takes the students on a journey through the Bible, with age-appropriate activities created to reinforce each lesson.

Yearly activities for children include:

  1. Rally Day-first day of Sunday school in September to start the school year
  2. Distribution of personal Bibles
  3. Children Singing – Program designed to help children participate in a Junior Choir
  4. Christmas Mission Project – program designed to help children understand the “giving” part of the season of Christmas
  5. Christmas Pageant – opportunity for the children, through narrative and/or musical performances, to depict the true meaning of Christmas
  6. The E.G.G. – The Easter Glory Gala – a time for children from the church and community to make inspirational crafts, play games and hear the Easter story
  7. Vacation Bible School – a week long program to help children learn about Jesus and His love for all people
  8. Summer Sunday school – a time for children to hear a Bible story