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Mission Ministry Team

Mission is the very essence of the church whether congregation, denomination, or world body. It is how we witness to the world what God is like. The Mission Ministry Team is one of the committees of the Session (governing board) and has the responsibility of promoting mission giving opportunities and mission interpretation for the congregation of the First Presbyterian Church of East Aurora. We hope to inspire all members to actively participate by both monetary offerings and use of time and talents. We provide a yearly mission calendar for extra giving opportunities, promote hands on opportunities by the way of food, kit and clothing collections, and organize mission field trips, to name a few of our goals. For the past few years we have collected bags of food during Lent for a local food pantry, FISH of East Aurora, Hygiene Kits for flood victims, earthquake victims and VIVE, collected hats, mittens and scarves for Urban Christian Ministry at Christmas and helped with their food distribution and open house,. We also help UCM with a summer program called Kick It to the Curb and assisted Peace of the City by providing snacks for youth during rehearsals of a Shakespeare play, part of their fund raising efforts for programs. These are only a few of the activities of the mission team. We are a busy, active committee.

We meet at 7PM on the first Monday of the month. We are always eager to welcome anyone who would like to join our team and work to create opportunities in local, national, and global mission from the love of Christ in our hearts. Contact Suzanne Parkhurst at FPCEA for further information or a desire to be a part of the Mission Ministry Team.