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Mission Scholarship


The purpose of this scholarship is to provide financial support to an applicant (adult or youth) engaged in or desiring to engage in a sponsored Mission or Spiritual Life activity.  The scholarship funds are intended to provide an opportunity for the spiritual growth of the applicant through participation in the project or activity.  Furthermore, the activity for which the applicant is requesting support should not be a youth or adult group Mission or Spiritual Life activity organized by the FPCEA.  Such group activities independently raise a large fraction of their own trip expenses and may also request support for the group as a whole from general FPCEA funds through the Session.  Individuals participating in such group activities organized by FPCEA may be awarded additional support (based upon need) at the discretion of the activity group leader.

Scholarship Fund:

It is proposed to establish a Scholarship Fund (not part of the annual budget) in which a balance not less than $2000 shall be maintained.  The fund shall be at least financed from the Mission portion of endowment interest, and the minimum $2000 balance of the fund shall be replenished at the beginning of each calendar year.  The fund may also accept money from memorials either as directed by the donor(s) or at the discretion of the Fiscal Responsibility Committee.


A scholarship shall not exceed $500 for any individual and shall be used to pay travel, living or other expenses necessary for participation in the project.

Scholarship Application:

The applicant shall request funds by letter to the Mission Committee of the FPCEA, stating the sponsoring organization for the Mission project, the time frame and location for the project, primary objective(s) of the project, expected benefits to the applicant and a list of the applicant's anticipated expenses.

The application will be reviewed by the Mission committee for acceptance.  If accepted, a recommendation will be made to Session for award of a scholarship to the applicant from the Mission Scholarship Fund.

Criteria for Successful Application:

Criteria for evaluating the application will include, but not be limited to, the following:

a)   the quality and legitimacy of the sponsoring organization of the proposed activity,

b)  the potential for spiritual growth of the applicant through participation in the activity,

c)   and the applicant's projected expenses and financial contribution.

A heavy emphasis is to be placed upon the potential impact that the proposed Mission or Spiritual Life activity will have upon the applicant.  While some of the same criteria may be applied as would be customary in evaluating a Mission organization for making a direct contribution of church funds,  it is equally important to recognize that all or a portion of the scholarship funds are intended to provide an opportunity for the spiritual growth of the applicant through participation in the project or activity.  Thus, an accounting of the scholarship award in terms of a direct fmancial support to the Mission or other appropriate project is not consistent with the purpose of the scholarship fund.

Additional Requirements of the Applicant:

If awarded a scholarship, the applicant must agree to provide a written summary of the Mission project or Spiritual Life activity, focusing upon the applicant's role, to the Mission Committee. Additionally, the applicant will be requested to provide either a Moment for Mission to the congregation during a Sunday worship service or to write an article for the monthly "Chimes" newsletter of the FPCEA detailing the applicant's experience.

Mission Scholarship Fund Application